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Fibre-Lyte: The Elegant Concept

Fibre-Lyte is Conjunct's innovative Optical Sub-Assembly (OSA) packaging technology which can be used in applications demanding the highest performance at data rates of 25Gbps, 50Gbps and beyond.

Fibre-Lyte's superior design and processing features allow the accommodation of PAM4 modulation regimes.

Fibre-Lyte supports both multi-mode (850nm) and single mode (1310nm) on the same platform; both Tx and Rx can be on the same substrate (i.e. full duplex capability on one substrate).

Conjunct's products incorporate considerable experience from working for over 10 years in the design and manufacture of transparent substrate based OSAs.

Fibre-Lyte delivers into today's demanding, harsh environments and applications.  The OSAs are elegantly constructed and assembled to provide superior performance at every level.

Fibre-Lyte puts the most advanced OSA on your fingertip.

Wafer scale transceivers.