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Fibre-Lyte OSAs are designed for applications where there is a demand for unparalleled opto-electronic performance in operating conditions which are harsh or which involve risk to human life. There are also applications in which superior signal integrity is demanded. Applications include:

Supercomputing and High-End Data Centre

Fibre-Lyte is ideal for situations where large amounts of data need to be transferred.

  • Unparalleled front panel space due to compact size.

  • Designed for fibre-ribbons, 1D and 2D, MPO.

  • Interchangeable wavelengths; both 1310nm and 850nm with ease.

  • Meets IEEE standards.

  • Improved BER at higher data rates results in better system stability.

  • The ground plane management regime which Conjunct employs makes Fibre-Lyte ideal for PAM4 modulation based OSAs.

  • Exceptionally low cross talk and high SNR performance.

Data centre.

Oil Exploration

Hermetic versions suited to harsh environments where real time high bandwidth telemetry is required.

The compact nature of Fibre-Lyte, not to mention the advantages of fibres, work well in this type of environment.

Oil platform.

Avionics Systems

Fibre-Lyte's compact size is ideal in avionics applications reducing space and weight requirements.


Military Platforms

Fibre-Lyte is ideal for systems which produce and route significant amounts of data from, for example, radar systems. However, there are many other sensing and control applications which benefit from Fibre-Lyte's  performance, size and weight features.

Radar dish.


The extremely compact nature of Fibre-Lyte and its high levels of hermeticity make Fibre-Lyte the OSA of choice for Space applications.

As there are no lenses in the Fibre-Lyte OSA, there is no resulting air gap which can prove problematic when used under high or low air pressure.