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Product Building Blocks


Conjunct uses simple ‘building blocks’ and configure these building blocks into OSA (Optical Sub Assembly) products which are satisfy a wide range of IEEE/MSA specifications within the opto-electronics industry.


Conjunct has a list of preferred opto-electronic devices but is always open to use devices specified by customers. At the moment the basic building blocks are:


  • 10 Gbps 1310 nm Tx and Rx channels

  • 10 Gbps 850 nm Tx and Rx channels

  • 25 Gbps 850 nm Tx and Tx channels


A sample product functional block diagram can be seen right.

Function block diagram.


Available Products


The following table gives the availability of Fibre-Lyte products. There are always new products ‘in the pipeline’ so please contact Conjunct’s engineering team to discuss a specific requirement.

Product Table